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    Say goodbye to bike theft worries with GuardWheel!

    Spending hundreds or even thousands on a bicycle, only to have it stolen despite your best efforts, is more than just a financial loss—it's a heartbreaking experience. Every cyclist knows the frustration of taking every precaution to secure their bike, only to find it gone by the end of the day.

    Introducing GuardWheel, the ultimate solution to bike theft worries. Crafted from a lightweight yet incredibly strong blend of zinc alloy and steel, GuardWheel features a robust disc lock cylinder with a unique circular keyhole design. This advanced security mechanism makes it exceptionally difficult for thieves to breach, ensuring your bike stays securely in place. With GuardWheel, simply unfold, wrap around your bike and a secure anchor, lock it, and rest assured knowing your bike is protected.

    Why GuardWheel will revolutionize your cycling experience:

    • Strong and Lightweight: GuardWheel is crafted from zinc alloy and steel alloy rivet links, making it both lightweight for easy handling and strong enough (HRC45 hardness) to resist tampering and deter thieves. This ensures your bike stays secure without adding unnecessary weight.
    • Advanced Security Features: It features a robust, rotating disc lock cylinder with a unique circular keyhole design. This design makes it difficult for thieves to drill or pick the lock, enhancing the security of your bike wherever you park it.
    • Portable and Easy to Use: GuardWheel is designed with portability in mind. It can be easily stashed in a travel pouch or mounted securely on your bike. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it convenient to carry while ensuring your bike is always protected.
    • Customer Approved: Users appreciate GuardWheel for its durability and ease of use. Its ability to protect multiple bikes at once and its scratch-resistant ABS outer layer further enhance its value as a reliable bike security solution.

    Compared to Bike Locks available on Amazon or other platforms, GuardWheel  strives to offer superior quality, and durability.

    How to Use GuardWheel

    • Unfold: Insert the key and twist to unfold GuardWheel.
    • Secure: Wrap GuardWheel around your bike frame and wheel, ensuring it loops around a fixed object.
    • Lock: Insert the key and rotate to secure GuardWheel in place.
    • Store: When not in use, fold GuardWheel and store it in a travel pouch or mount securely on your bike for easy access.

    This simple guide ensures that GuardWheel provides effective security with ease of use.



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    Product specifications

    Length: 30.7 inches (78 cm)
    Folded Size: 2.95 x 2.6 x 2.17 inch (7.5 x 6.6 x 5.5 cm)
    Net Weight: Approx 1.26 lbs (0.57 kg)
    Material: Zinc Alloy, Steel Alloy, and ABS


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